Location: St. Barths

The day started out fairly slow. The Alexs’, Griffin, and I went to breakfast at a nice little restaurant where we all ate pancakes. Everybody else ate cereal at the boat with real milk bought from the store. After everybody ate their respective breakfasts, We had a sail chat about the rules of the road. After the sail chat, everybody prepared sandwiches for the afternoon.
Following the cleaning of the galley, everybody piled into a van to go to the beach. When we entered the beach, we immediately noticed the size of the waves and couldn’t wait to go surfing. In the beginning, Lydia and Jane were the only ones that were surfing. Not everybody made it up onto the board while surfing, but Lydia, Griff, Jane, Christian, Marco, and Kris surfed some gnarly waves. After a few minutes of playing in the water with the rest of our boat, some people settled down into the little area that we chilled out on. At around 3:30, we went back to the boat, showered, and then ate a fantastic dinner cooked by Alex H. and Lydia. We are all anticipating our last day before returning to the British Virgin Islands.