Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It was quite an early morning for Changes, along with the rest of the fleet. At 7:30 Monika and I went to a skipper’s meeting to draw our numbers and review rules for our morning sailing race. Unfortunately we lost, but it only matters that we had a fun and relaxing sail. We ended our race at West End. I thought it was quite a coincidence that we went to port on my mom’s birthday this year, and that I was skipper this year on her birthday too. I hope she had a wonderful day on her birthday even though I’m always away. From West End we had another race to Great Harbor, Peter Island. To be honest I don’t know what place we came in. I was just happy when we arrived because that meant dinner. Which is my favorite- Mexican night. I eat until I’m sick, it is so good! Last Mexican night, Jake and I ate a whole bag of tortilla chips plus several servings of our dinner tacos. We ate enough for six people, it was quite amazingly-awful. Later the DM’s will be wrapping up our work with practicing and reviewing how to give dive briefings. Then I hopefully will go to bed early after our long, exhausting, but fun day down in the beautiful BVI. Seventeen days down, only four more to go!