Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a race day. When we woke up, the gopher brought the food up, which was oatmeal, and we ate. After that, I went to a skipper’s meeting, which prepares all skippers for the first race of the day. Around 30 minutes after the meeting, we were all on the race line with the jib in the mainsail up. Then they screamed the countdown to start the race, and then we pulled out the jib and sailed for the finish line. We passed third through the finish line right after the Prosecutor and Celestial Storm. After the race, we had time at port to eat and rest. Soon after I had my second skipper’s meeting to prepare for our second and last race of the day. We lined up the same as our first race and tacked for it. A few hours later, we arrived and came in third once again. The day was exciting and fun.