Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day dawned bright and early as a stream of windblown teenagers marched weary-eyed into town. The small group continued to a charming coffee shop, access to the outside world clutched in their hands. After a short breakfast, they adjourned to their trusty vessel, who waited patiently at the dock as her tanks were filled with water. Today was race day, which meant there was just the morning left to perfect the skill of maneuvering approximately twenty tons of boat gracefully and smoothly through the water. Practice went off without a hitch and the group of newly dubbed sailors dressed in their finest to attend the skipper’s meeting. The anticipation of the success to come filled the crew’s spirits as they turned away from the dock ready to raise their sails. All was going smoothly until… snap… the halyard tore into two pieces and with it frayed any chance the boat had of securing victory. Instead, the vessel trudges back to port, where it was assigned the new mission of delivering fruits and vegetables to two of our fleet. The boat traversed the rocky waters, watching sadly as her fellows passed, sails proudly raised. We dropped off the goods, got the parts to repair our poor ship, and returned to the rest of our fleet. Despite the tumultuous start to the day, the group of weary travelers assembled a feast of Mexican food and made sugary treats to soothe their hearts and minds.