Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We all started off the day early in the morning prepping for breakfast and one of the longest days race day. Breakfast ended, and I headed off for a skipper’s meeting on another boat where they explained how the race would start, where the boats would be, and where we are racing to. It was just a drag race, but it was still really intense. Right from the start, our boat was in the lead. Everyone helped to pull our jib fast as we blew by most of the other boats and soon a few minutes later it was just down to us and two other boats. Most of the way it was back and forth between these three boats until we took the lead. It was the final stretch as Celestial Storm starting creeping up behind us and holding their bedsheets thinking it would make them fast, but it was no use because we still won. After a short break on shore for a few hours, then it was off to another race, but this time it was a tacking race, making it super long. Three hours of steering and trimming sails made it trying, especially for the people on the jib sheets. Our boat can’t go that far into the wind though, making it hard, but we stayed in it watching lots of other boats give up and motor the rest of the way. The race got really close but not close enough, only allowing our boat to take fourth out of eight. And making the day even better we finished off with Mexican night.