Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up, ate breakfast, and I went with Griffin to the skipper’s meeting about the race to West End this morning. During the meeting, we talked about the course we will be taking and what place each boat will start in. After the meeting we went to our boat and went to the starting line we waited for 3 minutes then we started the race. The race lasted about 1 hour, and we got 6th out of 8 boats. At West End we ate lunch with some of our friends from other boats then we bought some snacks. After shore time, all the skippers met again to talk about the next race. The meeting was the same as the last except they talked about how we should be more careful on this racecourse. The course was from West End to Great Harbor on Peter Island. After the meeting, we went to the starting line. For the final minutes before the race, we put on war paint. When the race started, we got off to a nice start because of the strong winds. The race was about two hours of intense sailing. In the end, we got 3rd place. After, we ate dinner and had a sail chat.