Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Race Day!!! After another early morning with an oatmeal breakfast I headed off to the first skipper’s meeting where I was briefed on the events that were to take place for the first race. Upon getting our line up order by drawing names out of a hat we reviewed the chart and went over our starting pint which was Sandy Cay and the finishing line, West End. The skippers and I then retreated to our boats and I prepared for battle. We then raised our main and headed to the starting line. After this we listened to the radio for Mitch’s countdown and at the end of 3, 2, 1 we were off.  We were a little slow sheeting in the jib, which got us off to a slow start but after getting on a good heading we were making up ground. We raced for a good hour and a half but unfortunately we headed a little to upwind at first and lost our heading to the finish line. This resulted in us coming in last place. But we weren’t too upset because the end of the race marking the start to our shore time. This short time was extra-long which was nice considering West End was a little more developed than the usual port stops. After getting a bite to eat and visiting a few shops, I attended another skipper meeting and got ready for race #2. This was race was considerably longer not only because of the distance but also because we were heading dead into the wind up the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Four action packed hours later we arrived at the finished line where we faired a little better coming in 6th place. We ended the day in Great Harbor which was just behind the finish line with a nice swim and another fantastic dinner prepared by our chef. Following by another sail talk which was considerably important considering our final exam is tomorrow which I am sure we will all pass with flying colors.