Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Early this morning, a brief rainstorm rolled through and forced everyone who was sleeping outside to rush in and sleep on the blue lagoon. After we listened to the morning playlist, we had an oatmeal breakfast on our way to West End. We had a few hours of shore time at West End, where we could contact anyone we wanted as well as purchase anything we wanted. After shore time, we sailed for a few hours and arrived at GHP. As soon as we arrived, we had a fun dive where we played with eggs, saw a spotted eagle ray, and played with an arrow crab. Once that ended, a few of us went out to wakeboard. Afterward, we prepared the Mexican night dinner and cleaned up for Mike to arrive for dinner. After dinner, we played a game with black and white postcards where we learned a lot of information about each other based on which cards we chose and the reason behind. After that game, everyone cleaned up and performed his/her cleanup tasks. All in all, it was an awesome day.