Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hey, guys, I’m back! So today we woke up to Jon banging around with his dive gear to start the morning at a ripe 4 am. After he left, we woke up to his music playing, and some of us had cereal for breakfast. After having that breakfast, we were told we could go to land to get breakfast, but we couldn’t have our phones. So we left the boat as it was filling with water and went to the restaurant. I had an iced latte and a cappuccino and a smoothie, but we’re not talking about that. After breakfast, we went to the nearest convenience store and bought as many drinks as we could because we only have hose water. After we left, we headed out to sea to sail to West End. On the way there, the ocean was really wavy, and we had so much fun. Reagan, Ava G. and I were all sitting together singing broken pieces of around 30 different songs. It was really bad, but so much fun. We were also jumping on the trampoline on all fours whenever the boat would go up before it would fall back down. We all got wrecked by the waves. We pulled up to our dive site, and Grace, and I did our last research dive while everyone else had a fun dive. There were jellyfish everywhere, so we had to be cautious. After we finished that dive, we sailed back over to GHP to anchor for the night and for an optional night dive. I chose to go on that night dive with Reagan and Peter. We want to see some stingrays. For dinner, we had tacos, and three people asked me to roll their tacos for them because I’m actually pretty good at it. Anyways, I’m getting ready to go on the night dive, so peace out girl scouts!!!!!!!