Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was one of the most exciting days yet on Mahi Mahi. We started the day off with a short and sweet sail to West End, the same marina we started from. Standing on solid ground for a couple of hours was pleasant, but it was only after we ate a hearty lunch and set sail again that the real fun began. A short while after raising our sails, we found ourselves in a sailing race with one of the other dive boats, Distant Drums. A sailing race may seem boring to some, but I think that everyone on our catamaran that today’s face-off was epic. Not only were the wind conditions fantastic, but the race was truly neck-in-neck with both crews tacking mere meters from one another. We drew, and look forward to racing again the day after tomorrow. The diving in the BVIs never fails to impress, and today’s afternoon wreck dive wasn’t about to start. The Fearless, a small ship sitting at a depth of 80 feet, was a spectacular sight underwater. All in all, it has been an awesome day, and our night dive in a few hours might be the cherry on top!