Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

The morning started our pretty quick, Panasea got underway in less than 10 minutes. I’ve been stoked for this day for almost two weeks! I LOVE helming. As soon as I heard the engine fire up, I hopped out of bead and headed to the power tower for a morning motor to West End for a food order, and shore leave to get that special someone a gift. While I was on shore not 1 of 9 payphones worked to call home (sorry Mommy and Daddy!). We dinghied in Batcave to Panasea to set motor-sail to Great Harbour, Peter Island for a dive of the Fearless wreck which is a sister tugboat to Jacques Custeau’s Calypso. While Peter dove again the rest of the Pandas salty showered which is one of the best things ever. Later tonight the Dolphins are dissecting a small shark, and the Neptunes are watching a movie and studying for a quiz tomorrow. Anyways, gotta go have some more fun, bye!