Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Well, today was a stressful day. Its day 17 and the Dolphins had work cut out for them. We had to sail/motor to West End for food/water/time ashore. I had breakfast on shore, and it was awesome. Someone bought Blair an iced mocha, and she was soooo thrilled to have it. Then we sailed to Great Harbour, Peter (GHP) for some diving. Some of the Dolphins didn’t go because we needed to have our fish journals and project papers done. Everyone is done with their fish journals, and only one group has to finish our project paper at least it’s only one more section and its not due until 10:00 pm so plenty of time almost. As I’m writing this, there are other people on a different boat doing cannonballs into the water. We had a pretty chill day. Dolphins are done with all our work. There’s a shark dissection on Blue Venture tonight at 8:00 pm, and it’s going to be so awesome. My squeeze question tonight was what is one of the best memories of your parents? Mine was when I’m in the car with my mom, and it’s just her and me, and it’s a sunny day, and she’s just the happiest person at that moment, and I’m making her laugh. I love making my mom laugh. So what’s your favorite moment? Also, it started raining while I was writing this.