Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Ben and I, as the skippers went to our first meeting of the day, about our races. We didn’t win our first race but had an amazing cover over Sans Souci right before we crossed the finish line. We ended up on the dock in West End. We had two hours on land to eat. Afterward, we headed for our second skipper’s meeting. We had a late start to our race because we had to get water on another dock. This race was a lot longer, but we were all hyped up with Kayleigh’s amazing playlist. The second race ended at Peter Island. Putting both our anchors down, we had showers. Afterward, Matteo and Mary Eloise started on dinner. Tonight was Mexican night. Dinner tonight is nothing like my Chipotle, but it’s as close as I can get to some Chipotle. After cleanup, we have a sail chat with our lovely Martine. Unfortunately, this is our last sail chat of being at AQ. Before going to bed we are going to be eating the midnight cereal that we have done every night, it’s practically a tradition now.