Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today the crew of Saleya had a slow wake up late in the morning with oatmeal for breakfast. Our skipper Claire had a skippers’ meeting to go to at 7:30 am that I also had to go to as the Skipper of the Day. The meeting was the reason we got to sleep so late. At the meeting, all the skippers from sail side drew a number 1-8 as the starting position for a race: I drew position 8 for Saleya. Claire and I returned to Saleya, where the rest of the crew was finishing clean up from breakfast. We then raced the rest of sail side from Sandy Cay back to West End, Tortola where we started our trip. We passed Blue Tide in the last minute to pull out 3rd place. We then got a couple of hours of shore time to get lunch at Omar’s in West End. At 12:45, Saleya left West End for a 90-minute voyage over to Great Harbor, we all just chilled out listening to music on the way. We’re currently sitting in GHP waiting for the rest of sail side to get here from another race. Saleya’s crew, in the meantime, is out doing some water skiing, catching up on DM coursework, preparing dinner (it’s Mexican Night), or going to get tanks for some dives tomorrow. Overall it has been a very relaxed day, and we’re all looking forward to our deep dive and lead dive at the RMS Rhone on Day 19, which are the last two requirements for us to get our Divemaster certifications since we all passed our second test last night. Oh yeah, tomorrow morning we get to play the victims in a rescue scenario for the Rescue divers, check out Two Ghosts tomorrow to hear about it.