Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

I rose this morning to a cornucopia of noises and a creature with cornrows (aka Sam) jumping on our bed to wake us up. Our day began with a motor around the point to Sandy Spit while we had breakfast. Once we were done with cleanup and ready to go, we set up our dive gear and hopped in Phantom, our faithful steed. We took Phantom out to Second Wind, which was moored on a dive site called the Playgrounds. Neptunes and Dolphins both fun dove with Cat and Tina, journeying around the point and into blue water where we hoped to see some of the great creatures of the deep. The way out was sadly uneventful, but then! As soon as we turned around, we saw a nurse shark swimming past us. Then, above our heads, a flash in the distance — a manta ray! As we gazed at the graceful creature gliding through the water, we saw something else moving to our left and realized that an eagle ray had come to join the manta on its swim. We all shouted and high-fived underwater, celebrating our luck. After making our way back to the mooring line, we surfaced and headed back to the boat for a delicious lunch of Ramen noodles, during which we got to watch the rescue boat participate in their first rescue scenario. In the afternoon, the Dolphins spent some time working on their research projects while the Neptunes went to ta picturesque little beach called Sandy Spit. We then showered and cooked up some franks and beans for dinner. Now we’re headed to Mary Morgan for a Lifeworks talk on future goals. All in all, it has been an awesome day.