Location: West End, Tortola

Today was a said but also very happy day. There’s only one reason why it’s sad. That reason is that it’s our last day. As we clean the ship, cleaning things that are unknown, and packing our bags, we reminisce on our journey and how amazing it was. But enough on the sad things, as today was also amazing. We woke up to a nice sunny day and had cereal. As we started cleaning up, someone dropped something, and of course, it was my job to jump in and retrieve it. With my luck that wasn’t the end of it, I was brought to a skipper’s meeting to discuss the fateful race today, which I was sure that the Gemini crew would win. I went back to the ship, and we started getting pumped for the race. After a couple of moments, we heard the countdown for the start, and then we heard, “GO!” We were off with a great start. We took the lead, and we won!! We were cheering and celebrating with scuba tank cannons. Thanks for the amazing memories Gemini crew; it was amazing.