Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up at Sydney’s Peace and Love. It was super hot, but having pancakes made it was better. Soon we headed off for sailing, yet today our sailing would be a bit different because it was our practical test! The practical test is where you show your skipper all the skills you know, like man overboard drills and points of sail, to attain your certification. It was hard for our crew to run smoothly at first, but soon, we started coordinating as a team and got the hang of it. We still have the theory test to come, so hopefully, that will go well so we can be certified. Later on, after the practical test and lunch, we anchored down right next to a little island, you could walk around. We slipped on our bathing suits and reapplied sunscreen, then headed to the minuscule island in our dinghies. We had so much fun, and after two and a half hours, we came back to our boat and whipped up some dinner. Even though it was a testing day, we still had a blast.