Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

After a long and fun day, which ended at 11 pm, we started off the day with amazing, delicious pancakes which were made by Fritz (who wasn’t chef!). Then the practices were started. We remembered the parts and points of sail. Then Patrick reminded us what heave to is and the exam of heave to was started. Everyone did an awesome job. Then we sailed from Jost van Dyke to Sandy Cay for lunch, which was chicken salad wraps. Some of us didn’t eat lunch at that time. After lunch, we did the second exam, which was sail circles. Everyone did a great job. I hope that everyone passed. Then we sailed to Sandy Spit to take a shower and sleep. Some of them went to the beach during the shower time. After shower time, we ate dinner, which was franks and beans. Then we went to a boat for Lifeworks with Mike (director of AQ) and at the end of the day returned to our boat and ate the best brownies I have ever eaten. They were covered with chocolate.