Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Day 16: James
Huge respect to the four crew members who got splashed by a massive wave while they were napping on the bow, and special condolences to Owen, who fell off the bench mid-nap due to the wave, RIP. Today was a bit of a slow start; yesterday essentially drained most of the crew, meaning slow wakings and slow eating of breakfast. Once we lifted anchor around 10:30, we began our sail training, meaning a cramped “power tower” and teaching shenanigans. We each got a chance at the wheel as we turned our boat around as our poor test dummy M.O.B (Man overboard) floated aimlessly in the ocean. Some had better luck at grabbing the M.O.B than others, and we lost a cleaning bucket in the process. We also had to retrieve another boat’s bucket as they dropped it, and we almost lost one of the nap mats to the ocean. Our lunch consisted of snacking heavily and chicken rolls. After that, sail training resumed before we sailed towards the Sandy Spits. The wind and waters were really rough during the duration of sail training and traveling, so one hard turn into the waves soaked the four crew who were napping at the front. But once we managed to grab a parking spot, we all just relaxed and began to talk about literally everything. We turned on some music and talked into dinner, which consisted of hot dogs and rice, and into the night.

Sweet dreams, till tomorrow!