Location: West End, Tortola

Today is our real last day on the water. We all woke up tired from staying up and writing notes to each other last night. We are all very sad to be leaving each other tomorrow and trying to make the most of our last day together. On the agenda is diving the Indians, a massive boat clean, and a program-wide BBQ! Today will definitely be spent reminiscing on the trip and all of the amazing memories that we have had together. Some of my personal favorites would be our day in Anegada, beach BBQ and bonfire on Sandy Spit, rescue dive scenarios, and all of our awesome meals spent laughing around the table. It is hard to believe that we will be getting on planes tomorrow going everywhere from England to Canada! We had such an awesome boat and became really close, so I am sure we will all stay in touch and hopefully see each other next summer. These last 16 days have been some of the best, and I know we will all look back and remember the fun we had and all of the amazing people we got the opportunity to meet in years to come. Thank you ActionQuest!!!