Location: West End, Tortola

I can’t believe it is the last day already. We woke up to Dancing in the Moonlight for one last time and had some delicious bacon and cheese omelets. I, as skipper, had to go to a meeting with Jake, where we discussed the big race. The start line was at The Bight on Norman Island, and we would finish at Peter Island. The race was super fun, and as Zourite is a very speedy boat, we were pretty excited. David and Tyler killed it on the helm, and despite Sambamba (our biggest rival) being hot on our heels for much of the way, we managed to pull ahead to victory!!!! Yay!!! After a very thorough clean of the boat, we had some time to hang out in West End and get some souvenirs. Tonight we have a whole program BBQ, which we are all really looking forward to, especially Henry. I can’t wait to see everyone.