Location: West End, Tortola

Everyone woke up this morning with mixed emotions. Sad, anxious, excited, and nervous. Today was our last official full day in our wonderful boat we have learned to consider home. The laughs and memories we have built on this ship will never be forgotten; we woke up early to a long day ahead of us. Most of us went diving early this morning after our familiar daily breakfast cleaning routine of course. Although no 15-year old I know likes to wash dishes there was a sweet sadness thinking about how to was our last morning breakfast cleanup together. Right after our dive, we started with our big final ship cleanup. This consisted of wiping our cabin ceilings, floors, head, emptying food, and much more hard boar we did not seem to mind doing. As we motor on to West End, we sit and listen to the itinerary for the last night here in paradise. We will clear out the boat and countdown the hours until our last BBQ. It has been the most amazing experience being here and getting to know some incredible people. We all are crazy; some of us more than others, but the fact that we could all accept each other for who we are is what made us such a family. I have been some genuinely content sailing around with my best friends who were absolute strangers to me one month ago. In less than 48 hours, I will be flying my way back to lovely Canada. I can almost taste the maple syrup already! There is nothing like home sweet home.