Location: West End, Tortola

Our (kind of) last day has been a whirlwind of excitement. We began the morning with breakfast and a skipper’s meeting that contained the information to the day’s race. We were to sail from our spot in the harbor at Norman Island around the green lateral marker at Road Town, and finally to Great Harbor on Peter Island. We began as soon as we could, after receiving a very interesting pump-up speech from Tyler. The wind was unpredictable, sending puffs when we least expected it. We got our speed up to 8.3 knots at one point, which is the fastest we’ve gone yet. We ended up coming in 5th place out of 7. It isn’t first, but hey — it isn’t last, either. We then sailed to West End while cleaning the cabins and packing up the final items. We finally made our way here and ate a lunch that consisted of sandwiches and way too much Nutella. Tonight we’ll go ashore, make some phone calls, attend a full-fleet BBQ, and say our final goodbyes. As this unforgettable journey comes to a close, we’re all clinging to each other, hoping to stretch the time out before the inevitable occurs. Thank you to all of our families and friends for reading these blogs and giving us the opportunity to come here. We’ll all be home soon.