Location: St. Barths

Today we woke up at 7:30, introducing us to a wonderful day in Gustavia. Some of us went to a very expensive restaurant in the corner of the main street, not very far away from the boat. The other half remained in the boat, having pancakes. After that, we went different ways: Some of us were shopping, other ones were chilling but always in a group, strengthening our friend relationships. After a while, we got together again for having lunch, some of us on the boat, and others in a restaurant called La Creperie with a fabulous meal.
Afterward, Lydia, Marco, Matt, Britt, Kris and I went to the beach with a single purpose: go cliff jumping. After a little bit of hard swim, we reached our goal with not much effort. The cliff was about seven meters high, and Lydia went first, jumping with no fear. Then, Kris, Marco, and I followed her catapulting ourselves off the cliff. A few jumps later, including some back-flips by Lydia and Kris, we returned to the beach with a relaxing swim.
Returning to the boat, we all met together again, preparing us for dinner at a very nice place, very close to the boat called Le Select. Every part of the crew grabbed a delicious cheeseburger with a portion of French fries. After satisfying ourselves, we pointed to Le Creperie to have a refreshing Gelato. Then we were around the city, meeting new places and exploring the beauty that surrounds us.