Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started off the day with a very fun and memorable breakfast in which we ate pancakes. Sadly we were all out of Nutella, but I think it was definitely one of the best breakfasts of the entire trip. After cleanup, we motored over the Sandy Spit, where the dolphins had their final research dive, and the Rescues had their final search and recovery dive. During the search and recovery dive, my group found itself so far outside of the search area we had to be recalled, but we saw an awesome turtle and completed it efficiently on our second try. After lunch, we were surprised by the first of the rescue scenarios. We had to rescue three divers: one panicking at the surface, one in a passive panic that turned into active panic at the surface, and one unresponsive. For our first scenario, I think we did pretty well. Our biggest flaws were in the organization and providing oxygen correctly. The scenario truly put our skills to the test and made us aware of our strengths and weaknesses. After reviewing what we did wrong and what we did right, we were again given the option to dive the Playgrounds. Most of us decided to go because it is such a beautiful dive site. Some of us saw sharks and others, a scorpionfish. I saw a cool spotted drum and a trunkfish, among other things. After the dive, we did have some time to relax thankfully. We just finished eating dinner, which is Sam’s favorite dinner of the trip. We are also going to have a Lifeworks session later, and afterward, we will get some well-deserved rest after such a productive day.