Location: West End, Tortola

Today we started off the morning with yummy oatmeal and cereal. Since I was the skipper today, I got to go with Tor to the meeting about the race. Each boat picked a number out of a hat to see how we would set up and begin the race. We got number six, right in between Rossi and Tiger Pause. We all got pumped for the race, listening to music and putting face paint on each other. Once the countdown began, we got in our positions. Jack was on the main sheet, Fish was on the lazy, and I was on the working. Oh, and Nick was on the helm the entire race, he was great. We had an awesome start, and all leaned over the high side. When we finally got to the green buoy, we were preparing to tack. Then we noticed Tiger Pause catching up to us. We had the right of way, but they quickly crossed in front of us, so we ducked around them. It worked out. For a while, we were riding beside them. Once we started to get closer to the finish line, we got ahead of them. As we crossed the finish line, we blasted the song “Coming Home.” We came in third place, following behind Zourite and Sambamba. This will definitely be a memory I won’t forget. We all had the best time here, whether it was helping on the deck or laughing with each other while snacking at midnight. We definitely became a family during this trip, and it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye. Also, none of us could have got to where we are now without our amazing staff members on Ka Ou Fe — Tor, Ian, and Katja. So thank you!