Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was, without a doubt, pretty awesome. Unlike other ActionQuest days, I was kind of nervous for today because it was our sailing practical test for our sailing certification. However, after a few tacks and jibes, I was already feeling much more comfortable- we know what we’re doing! Because it was our sailing practical, the majority of the day was spent out on the water switching off doing tacks, jibes, man overboard drills, and more. At times it was a little stormy and gusty, and even rocky enough to cause a few cases of minor seasickness, but the day was still amazing. I don’t know about my shipmates, but for me, there’s nothing like flying across the water in a sailboat. We finally anchored at Green Cay in the late afternoon, and now we are all just hanging and cooking dinner. All in all, a great day!