Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today the Rossi crew woke up in the raft with all the other boats surrounding us at Sydney’s Peace and Love dock, ready for another busy day. We raised our sails and set off for our sail test day. The heat and the scorching sun made everyone want to just jump in the crystal clear water, but we kept our concentration, and after many hours, we eventually all passed our practical sailing test! We were all so relieved and couldn’t wait to go to Sandy Spit and jump in the water! We anchored up at this beautiful island in the late afternoon, and all the crews from the boats hopped in their dinghies to go to this paradise island that is so small it is just raised above sea level and takes just five minutes to walk around. The island even had that picture-perfect palm tree on it. We all swam and watched Quin and Ivan wrestle head to head on the beach while others just lay on the shore enjoying everything about life. The time flew by, and we saw a huge barracuda underneath our boat. The days are flying by, but just looking around me right now, there is nothing more special than this, being here with the wind blowing gently, the calm music, my boat family around me, laughing and enjoying this amazing experience; it’s perfect.