Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we started off the day with pancakes made by Hannah and I. After breakfast was cleaned up, we motored to Sandy Spit. The Rescues and Neptunes split up once we got here, Neptunes going to the playgrounds and Rescues staying on the boat. The Neptunes went on a fun dive at the playgrounds dive site, and they saw a spotted eagle ray! Still, on Second Wind, the Rescues had a search and recovery dive. We had to find “hank the tank” and “franker the anchor” and raise them to the surface. Hank and Franker had shifted from where the counselors put them, so they were right next to the bowline, making the search and recovery a little easier. After that, the Neptunes came back home, and we had a delicious lunch of Ramen noodles. While cleaning up lunch, we had our first dive scenario! All of the Rescues definitely worked together as an amazing team and got an unresponsive diver, a panicked diver, and a passive panic diver up to the surface and onto the boat. Whit, Nicolai, Hannah, and I were in the water and helped with getting gear off the divers and bringing them to the surface while everyone else helped to get them onto the boat and giving O2 and CPR. It was a lot of fun to see all our skills at work! After the scenario, all of us left the boat and went diving at the playgrounds. Whit, Willie, and I celebrated our 50th dive! Once we came home, we had dinner, and we’re now cleaning up. After dinner, we’re having Lifeworks with Sam then probably stay up talking with one another back on the boat!