Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

After waking up in Sydney’s this morning, Madison and Leo treated us to pancakes! Since they hadn’t finished breakfast by the time that they had to go to a meeting, we blasted some music from our raft and had a great time. Alan and Sam decided to combine pancake mix with dark chocolate Swiss Miss hot chocolate, and we surprised the staff with a clean boat and chocolate pancakes by the time they got back. Afterward, the DM’s left for Zourite until dinner time to assist with rescue diver scenarios and even perform one themselves. The Carina’s stuck around on Bella to complete their basic crew level IYT practicals and have a good time sailing. Once we finished practicing our knots for the incoming test, we set sail for Sandy Spit. We took turns performing three maneuver combinations of tacking and jibing before returning to the same starting position. Chris even attempted a full sailing circle followed by two jibes. Smudge seemed pleasantly surprised with our performance, and we headed off to Sandy Cay for a chicken burrito lunch. After lunch, we left for Sandy Spit. Unfortunately, Bob (a fender) fell off the boat, and Leo had to lead a man overboard drill to retrieve him. We got some time on the beach to play football and relax. We had a delicious dinner of hot dogs, rice, beans, and cornbread cooked by Smudge, and finished the night with a Lifeworks Forum.