Location: West End, Tortola

So today is our last day together! It will be so weird not living with these people anymore especially considering we have become a family. This morning we had our last breakfast together. After a speedy clean up and a dive we headed back to West End. The entire ride back is devoted to cleaning. We divided into pairs and were assigned to different tasks. After each is completed we go up to the deck and scrub it down with bleach. Once our boat is spotless we are good to shower, roam and basically do as we choose. Oh and before we got to West End we did one last dive at the Indians which was awesome and had the coolest rock formations. Tonight, we have a final BBQ after our squeeze and then once 11:00 hit, it is lights out! I love these kids and it is going to be so hard to say goodbye. This has been an amazing summer and I owe it to everyone here! Thank you AQ and DISTANT DRUMS! I will be seeing you. Out : )