Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was by far my favorite day at AQ so far. We rose early to prepare for our hike to the top of Mount Sage. Everyone was excited as we strategized how we would complete the daunting task. You could feel both energy and dread in the air as all AQ shipmates stood at the bottom of the mountain. I started the hike, assuming that I would be able to power-walk the whole time, but after multiple breaks in the first 30 minutes, I abandoned that plan. I found others from my boat, and we took a leisurely stroll. After an hour and a half-filled with good conversations, we made it to the top. However, climbing up the mountain is only half the battle, as the entire way down is a steep downhill. Nothing felt better than turning the corner and seeing that we had finally finished the hike in only 2.5 hours. When we got into the town, the first thing we did was take care of the really important stuff — food! We ate lunch, bought food at the grocery store, and hung out on the beach. After that, we came back to the boat to change and then went to the beach for the sandcastle building competition. We first had the idea to build a couch, Mount Rushmore, a bodybuilder, and a flamingo — finally, we decided on a sunflower with Sam buried in the middle. It looked pretty awesome and . . . We won! It was just the perfect way to continue an amazing day. After playing on the beach for a while, we returned to the boat to get ready for the BBQ and Sydney’s Peace and Love. It was a great day, and I can’t wait for the BBQ.