Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was the longest, hardest, and most rewarding day so far. We woke up extra early and got our shoes organized for our hike. We went to the dock at 7am and got a pep talk from Mike before starting our ascent of Mount Sage. At 7:30 we started the hike with no idea of what to expect. Nothing could have prepared us for the first 40 minutes of the hike. We walked up winding hills that were almost vertical at times. After 15 minutes we were ready to give up. Despite those feelings, we persevered and continued on. Halfway through we were dripping in sweat and cursing the hike. We still didn’t give up because we had the thoughts of banana smoothies at the top of the mountain on our mind. As each minute passed we became more anxious to reach the top. After many steep hills and muddy trails, we reached the summit. We signed a book stating that we had reached the top, and then started our descent. Going down was infinitely easier and definitely more enjoyable. We played music, skipped, and danced our way down the mountain. Afterwards we went to port and enjoyed some cheeseburgers and ice cream. We walked around on the beach before heading back to our boat. Once everyone was on board we left for another beach. Once there we had a sandcastle contest with the other boats. Our boat made an Aztec temple with palm leaves as a decoration. Everyone had a great time building the castles. After the contest we got on the boat, once again heading towards Sydney’s Peace and Love for a dance and BBQ. Everyone was so excited and couldn’t wait for the food. We can’t believe that we are already on day 15. Time is flying!