Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

The start of our day began with a 6 am wake-up call to get ourselves ready for the longest day ever. After a quick cereal breakfast, we all jumped into a dinghy to get ourselves to shore for an early morning, six-mile hike up Mt. Sage (the highest point in all of the Virgin Islands). This hike was not at all like a normal hike, one would imagine. It was 3 miles up an extremely steep road and 3 miles back down. I’m personally not sure how I was physically able to make it to the top and back down, but everyone did it. Once we got to the top, we signed a book to prove we did it. On the way back down buying refreshing smoothies was a popular option. Once everyone had made it back down (with new hiking friends) a cheeseburger sounded delicious to everyone. After an early lunch, all the shipmates were able to walk around the port we were in. Once everyone ate and bought all the cookies and sweets desired, we made our way back to Tanis (home sweet home) and then we moved our boat in front of a beautiful white beach with palm trees and the most breathtaking water. At this beach, a sandcastle competition was held between the boats. Although our boat didn’t win, our idea was extremely clever. We all worked together to create a very detailed submarine out of the sand, and while our masterpiece was being judged we all sat in it and sang “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles, but our song was sang as “we all live on the Tanis Marie.”

After our extremely amazing work of art surprisingly did not win, we went back onto Tanis to take showers. Once we were all showered and our PFDs were on, I was able to steer our boat to our next destination, a dock in front of a place called Sydney’s where we will be eating dinner. To dock, Aaron helped me to do so in a Mediterranean mooring style (which is stern first). Sydney’s is known for good food, and a reggae band will play for us as well. Today has been jam-packed with events that have been both fun and action-packed. Tonight I know all of us will be exhausted. Today has been the longest day.