Location: St. Barths

The day was started at 2:45 am when watch team two woke up and got ready to set sail for the long journey ahead. After they ate breakfast at around 5:30 am, they woke watch team one up and got ready to be relieved and go back to sleep for a while. With our first long passage going downwind and without using the engine, we were all very comfortable besides a few who felt a bit seasick. We were surfing down the waves and even hit 10.9 knots speed over the ground! After hours of sailing, napping, and eating, we finally arrived in St. Barths. When we arrived at the channel, we were immediately surrounded by huge yachts and nice boats. We docked Squeaky B, the Homie G, and Kris skedaddled over to customs and immigration to get our passports tatted up. When we finished, and none of us got deported, he gave us a tour of Gustavia and what it has to offer. I found my way to the candy section of the luxurious grocery store (in comparison to every other island) and bought lots of Haribo and Carambar. We finished exploring all the Hermes and Louis Vuitton, dropped our goodies off at home, then headed to the shore showers, possibly the best shower I’ve had in the five weeks I’ve been down here. After showers, we came back to the boat for dinner cooked by Matt and Griff and finished the evening with sweets and many games of speed. So far, St. Barths is fancy, and very, very expensive x10.