Location: The Bite, Norman Island

Today was an awesome day for the Peeps! We started by waking to our lovely morning CD in Great Harbor, Peter Island, then eating some oatmeal for breakfast. After that, we went on one of our last dives of the summer, which was cool. Me and my buddy, Mariel, saw cool stuff like Blue Tang, Parrotfish and some squid. After our dive, we motored off towards Rhode Town. We had been anticipating this part for some time. Rhode Town is one of the biggest cities in the BVI and has a large variety of restaurants, shops, and a huge grocery store. The locals were very kind and always smiled and said hello when you walked past them.

We were there for a few hours, ate lunch, and bought some things as well. When 1:45 came upon my watch, we headed back to the dock, hopped in our dinghy and went back to our lovely boat. After some pep talks and preparation, all the catamarans lined up, and the countdown started as the three dive side boats pulled our jibs and began our race! I was at the helm since I was the skipper of the day, and my competitive instinct kicked in. We started off slow, but in a matter of minutes were sailing high and mighty and left the other two boats in our trial. We were crossing the finish line in 1st place, and all my boat members had big smiles and congratulated me on the job I did driving. This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. We were awarded an ActionQuest The Dive Side Dehydrator trophy and took some victory pictures. Shortly after we ate some cake to celebrate Matt’s early birthday. Today was a fantastic day, and as we came to the close of our trip, winding up with a trophy in our hands isn’t a bad way to depart from paradise.