Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today I was the very last one up (as usual) and had to be shaken awake by Griffin. We all had cereal for breakfast and got off quick since we had to go on the hike up to the top of Mt. Sage so early. Right after that, we took dinghies to the dock with our shoes. Unfortunately, today was the day that I would get my stitches out, so I was one of 3 that would, instead of hiking, go to the hospital. We had to take a taxi (along with Mike who had a meeting) to Road Town and interestingly enough, the drive shared the majority of its route with the hike, so I got to watch as I easily passed everyone that had been hiking for a half hour. I would figure out later that Fernando got to the top 7th, and Will came in 19th. I got my stitches out at the clinic. Mike’s meeting was still going on, so we went to a cafe and had cappuccinos and smoothies. After that, we met back up with the group, had lunch on shore, and walked around for a little while. We then went to a small island and built a bunch of awesome sandcastles; ours was a whale. Finally, we had a barbecue with an awesome DJ on Jost Van Dyke!