Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Day 15- Spencer R 2.0
Jay Flow
Today was very crazy. We met many different peoples in which Wyatt Lament had said it was his favorite day, whether it was hiking or playing with the up and coming rapper Jay Flow. We had started early in the morning at the time of 6:40 AM British Standard Time, Where there was an optional hike which was 8 miles, and people were not really happy 😭. After that, we had gone into town and bought some groceries, which was fascinating because I bought 2 cans of chips Ahoy and some ritz crackers, which were extremely tasty. Then we ate some lunch where we had caught sight of the upcoming rapper JFLOW who has features with LIL Baby and LIL PUMP. He had freestyle in Spanish and English and had all the females attracted to him and even some males. Then we had dove into the water, where we had wrestled and played on the swing. Next, we had drunk some coconut that we found on the beach. Then we sailed to have a nice sandcastle battle where our favorite staff member, max, had judged the competition. Now we are back from the BBQ, where we had interacted with other boats and had lots of fun.