Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Starting the day early, we broke our raft off from Mary Morgan and moored up to individual balls. Once we moored, we split off into three groups, one of which who had a fun dive, the second was turtle tagging, and the third was sitting surface and relaxing. I decided to choose the third. Teddy, Michael, Emma, and Amelia did turtle tagging; Sebastian, Tommy, Max, Jules, Marc, and Tim all did their dives. All of them have their new certifications, such as Rescue or Advanced Open Water. After our rotations, we motored over to Road Town to go shopping and to call and text home. After that, we enjoyed the most exciting race ever. Mary Mo won, but we placed a close second. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone on this ship. Finally, we settled on the Bight on Norman Island. This is one of my personal favorite mooring sites. We just finished our first completely self-made meal, and it was pretty good. We also cleaned up in record time. Now we are going to relax with one another and have fun!