Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today has been such an active day! We woke up at 6 to eat breakfast and prepared for the hike to Mt. Sage at 7. After getting briefed by Mike, we all began the hike. For the first time, Mt. Sage hikers, the first part of the hike was much steeper than we had been told. The first part was definitely the worst, but we all managed to get through that and the rest of the hike! We all signed the leather-bound book (which smelled of rich mahogany) at the top for completing the hike! After resting our legs for a few minutes, we began the hike down back to Cane Garden Bay for some free time- miles before 10 am! We had a few hours in town, and we all enjoyed the free wifi and delicious food. After lunch, we headed back to the boat and set sails for the Sandy Cay sandcastle competition. We decided to bury Alex W. and make him into a merman! Although we probably didn’t win, we all had a good laugh at our sand masterpiece (editor’s note: Squeakybrat took 2nd place in the competition). We just arrived at Sydney’s for a BBQ and band to end the longest AQ day ever!