Location: The Bite, Norman Island

Today was our last day at sea, and although all of us aren’t ready to come home its almost time. We kicked off today with our last scenario for our rescue training; Sam said we did a great job overall and said we were all Action Quests newest rescue divers! After that, we sailed to Great Harbor Peter for a dive on the wall. It was very beautiful. Then we went to port in Road Town, and it seemed like all of Action Quest was inside this one ice cream shop that was so good! When we left, dive-side had a sailing race, and since I was skipper, I got to do a lot in regards to sailing! Even though we lost (2nd Place) it was still very fun. And when we entered the bay, we tacked the whole way to the very intense mooring ball. I really enjoyed the look on other peoples faces when we came some close to their boats. This trip has literally been one of the best experiences of my life. I could not ask for better staff or shipmate. I will hold on to memories of this trip for a very long time.