Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today started very early with a wake up at 6:00. Slowly waking up, our chefs made our breakfast of cereal. It only took a few short minutes for us to eat and clean up, but immediately after, we were rushed to clean up and pack for our hike. The Hike, which is debated to be 6 or 8 miles, is our most difficult but most rewarding challenge at the BVI. The group divided very early into the hike because of a very steep road that winded around the mountain at the beginning. The reason it divided us was that while the more muscular and fit people race to the top, the rest of us walk the road up. After the road, however, there is a straight road leading to the top with only a few inclines and declines. Once you reach the top, you write your name in a book placed on top of the observation tower and see the number you got. Once you reach the observation tower, you descend back down the jungle trail to a gift shop where you can enjoy a smoothie. After you enjoy your banana smoothie, the trip down is the most challenging part of the hike, as it can cause some pain to the feet. When you finish, there are many different restaurants you can choose from to eat and have a rewarding meal. After the Hike, we all returned to our boats and had a short sail to Sandy Cay, where all the boats competed in a sandcastle competition. It is not yet known who won, as the results will be announced later this evening. Finally, we have our party at Sydney’s Peace and Love, which completes a very busy, but very exciting day.