Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we had the chance to sleep in, and then the chefs made us an assortment of pancakes, from chocolate to apple. The DMs also got to help out with the rescue scenarios as unresponsive divers. After the morning cleanup, everyone got the chance to go waterskiing and wakeboarding while the divemasters completed their swim tests. When everything was done, we motored into Road Town for lunch and some ice cream. When we were getting ready to sail out of the Bight, Adam noticed flour in the sail bag. After preparing ourselves to be covered in flour, we headed into the wind to raise the mainsail and let all the flour out. After the whole crew was covered in flour, it turned into an all-out flour fight. We then had the idea of turning empty Pringles cans into flour guns by using scuba tanks as the pressure in order to cover people in flour. Then, finishing our sail to the Bight, our staff left for a meeting, and we all took our last saltwater showers for the trip. We all pitched in the help get all of the flour cleaned up off the deck while the chefs started to prepare our final boat dinner together before the last night’s BBQ in West End tomorrow. This trip has flown by, and it’s so hard knowing tomorrow is the last day. We have all become so close on this trip. It will be strange not waking up and having everyone so close, but it has been a great trip with many friendships built in just the last few weeks.