Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a phenomenal day. We got to wake up to a radiant sun that was already progressing through the sky. We luckily got to sleep in a bit, and everyone was pleased with that. And on top of that, we were blessed with delicious pancakes. After breakfast and a quick clean up the campers were met with two options, dive a wreck near our boat 100 feet down, or, the most popular choice, to go wakeboarding. Getting to use “Big Blue” to pull the wakeboarders, the staff whipped around GHP. After our split adventures, we had a lovely ride over to Road Town to eat lunch and explore. Once we got back to the boat, we quickly lined up the three cats to race. After a perfect start, we surged ahead and took the lead for the entire race, finishing boat lengths before the next boat. With everyone happy, we got to relax a little before the chefs prepared a delicious dinner filled with cornbread, beans, and rice and franks. In a bit, we will start the bittersweet process of writing note cards to each other. Although everyone is really happy, it starts to show that they are sad to leave.