Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Another great day aboard the Distant Drums. Everyone aboard got the chance to dive a great site, wreck alley. This dive site has four wrecks; the Beata, Joey D and the two kissing wrecks. We hopped in the water with a dive profile of 85 feet for 30 min. Our boat was tied to the Beata, so we followed the mooring line down to the wreck after briefly swimming along with the beat. A small tugboat, we made for the Joey D, a large ship that was sunk upside down. Upon arrived at the Joey D, we went through an awesome swim through underneath it. Next to the Joey D and the Beta is a cool reef that we navigated along while heading back to the mooring line. Time and air permitting we would have been able to see the kissing wrecks, but some of us were low on air. We completed the 3-minute safety stop and ascended into big swells on the surface. After the dive, the Dolphins spent the afternoon preparing the presentation of their projects. The Neptunes on board dove the wreck again to get their wreck diver certification. This evening, we rafted to the other dive side boats in Great Harbor at Peter Island. The Dolphins have their presentations, and the Neptunes are taking their final exam, so it shall be a busy night!