Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today marked the end of the wreck specialty certification dives for the Neptunes. We dove Wreck Alley twice and penetrated the wreck on the second dive. While the Neptunes were doing our first dive, the rescue students had to complete their second rescue scenario. After successfully completing the scenario, we sailed back to Great Harbor, Peter, for the night. After arriving, we rafted to the other dive side boats, and the Rescues were surprised by another rescue scenario. Though the scenario went well overall, two masks were dropped and later recovered by Tina. Both of the Neptune dives went extremely well, and we saw a vast amount of marine life, including Barracudas and a big stingray. On our way back to the mooring line from the tugboat penetration dive, we briefly stopped to get a view of two more side by side wrecks called the Kissing Wrecks. The day was drawn to an end with yet another saltwater shower jam session and breakfast-for-dinner. Today was yet another great day at AQ, and we are all starting to realize that our session is quickly coming to an end. Regardless, I look forward to the adventures that are yet to be had in our last few days here.