Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Another amazing day in the BVIs began with a simple yet satisfying cereal breakfast. Immediately following our last spoonful, the dishes were completed, and we were set to sail. We rotated through all the roles of retrieving a man overboard. This was a great review for our sailing exam. Following the sailing, we docked at West End and got our land legs back. The feeling of not rocking back and forth made this port stop much better. After some brief shopping, I was pulled away for the skipper’s meeting to discuss the race. Today was the best day to be a skipper. Once the route and plan were set, we lined up for the start of the race of the century. At the starting signal, our notorious boat, Squeakybrat, took a quick lead. Steering the boat was incredibly interesting, and having the whole ship on my shoulders motivated me to get the job done! In previous years, this boat was not known to be fast at all, but 2hrs into the race, we found ourselves in second place. CRUNCHTIME!
On top of the crazy pouring rain, the race was approaching crazy time! On our last tack, we could see the finish line, then the jib sheet snapped! That was the worst sound I could have possibly heard after a couple of hours clawing our way to the top of the fleet. That was the end of our hopes in the race. Motoring back to the anchorage was the downside of our action-packed day. After our showers, we feasted on Mexican burritos and tortillas. Another race today was cleanup. On our previous Mexican night, we had tied the staff’s record time in doing the dishes with a time of 16 minutes. It was the most chaotic 15 minutes of the trip. However, it ended in a victorious celebration. Now the staff must wear the large orange PFDs for the whole day tomorrow. At least our day ended with some solid victory!