Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

I was awoken by Cat who jumped up and down on the trampoline to get my up. Finally I rolled myself awake and began to meander around the boat. I headed to the cockpit for a breakfast of oatmeal. After being underway and arriving at our dive site went on our first fun dive of the day at Shark Point. After pumping tanks we went for our second dive at the Pinnacles. When we surfaced we had chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. After that we dropped the mooring and went around the corner to Cane Garden Bay where we’ll be hiking tomorrow. We had Thai Peanut Chicken for dinner and we even saw dolphins surfacing around our boat during clean up! Then we did a big squeeze where we caught up on some questions we missed over the past few busy days. Now the Dolphins (the shipmates, not the animals) are getting ready to go over to Second Wind to watch the Cove while the Neptunes are heading to Mahi for a movie night.