Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today the Vegas became certified open water divers, and I’m proud to say I was one of them. The advanced divers also received their certifications today, and there was a general aura of accomplishment and celebration around the dive boats as divers surfaced with their new certifications. We woke up in Sommer’s Beach, Tortola, satisfied with the delicious beach BBQ we enjoyed last night. The chefs prepared and served breakfast while the rest of the crew set up the dive equipment on deck for the day and motored Zourite over to Muskmelon Bay, where we conducted the dives for the day. Before going for my final open water certification dive, along with the other Vegas, I watched a really cool and inspiring documentary on Irving Johnson aboard Bella. With a handful of other divers eagerly anticipating their dive rotation, the documentary covered Irving Johnson’s incredible life as a sailor and navigator, and really gave me a new perspective on the progression of the sport of sailing. After watching the film, it was time for my dive. Although visibility was poor, I was able to descend to 60ft (the max depth permitted for an open water diver). After everyone had completed their dives, we had a really enjoyable sail over to Cane Garden Bay. Because it was a downwind sail, we put a preventer on the mainsail for a good portion of the trip to ensure I would not crash jibe at the helm. Zourite is now moored in Cane Garden Bay, facing Mt. Sage, which we will be climbing tomorrow along with the entire fleet. We are all ready to get to bed early, so we are prepared for the hiking and sandcastle building that will ensue tomorrow.