Location: Gustavia, St. Barth

The wake up at 1:30 AM is ALWAYS a treat, but this morning was extra special…Nick got out a pot and a spoon to make all of our mornings more enjoyable. So we woke up to banging noises then set sail from Antigua to St. Barth. We left at about 2:15 AM, and my watch was first for our 11-hour sail. We rotated spots like usual, from bow watch (the best when with a best friend), the helm (impossible), lazy sheet (easy), working sheet (easy), and the main sheet and halyard (very important). Anna and I ended up doing around two hours straight of bow watch from 4 to 6, and in that time period we were only partially awake…we sang awful songs, talked about made-up creatures, and talked about how we are closer as friends than we are with people back home yet we’ve only known each other for 14 days. I’ve made such amazing friends on this trip that I will never regret. Then we finally got to St. Barth and docked next to a Louis Vuitton store and saw French signs and sea turtles just swimming next to the boat. It’s been amazing here from the people to the places, to the locals, to the jokes, to the games and fun, to the people I’ll always remember…I never want to leave here, and seven days just seems too soon.